Welcome to Me Mamma Be!


When I was pregnant with my first baby, I probably had too much time on my hands and I think I checked out every single item that was recommended online on different websites and multiple blogs and vlogs. You name it!


I obviously wanted all that’s the best for my new baby and I also wanted to be perfectly prepared for my labour, delivery and time in the hospital.


On one of the blogs I came across American company called Baby Be Mine, which was specialising in maternity wear for labour and matching outfits for mom and the new baby.


It was going to be my first stay ever in the hospital and from what I have heard hospital labour outfits did not win any of the most stylish awards.


As it is a scientifically proven fact that if you bring your own personal items to the hospital with you, you actually feel better about the whole labour experience, I decided to purchase my own labour gownie. I also bought matching colours nightgown, baby outfit and pillowcase, along with fun labour socks that said “Ready, Set, Push”.


I absolutely loved the quality of those items and when I was wearing them made me feel really special and glamourous! I'm still looking back at the photos and love the fact that I bought all of those items. I can’t stress enough how precious those first photos with your new baby are. First photos of the new mom and her new baby in the matching outfits make a great life time memory!

When pregnant with my second baby, I was very excited about wearing my special hospital outfits again! First time around, when I was pregnant with my daughter Nellie, I was wearing Lilly range. When I was pregnant with my son I decided to go for Nicole range.

I loved those outfits so much that I decided to share this fantastic feeling with other women here in Ireland. When I was 9 months pregnant with my son I decided to start my own business and this is how Me Mamma B was born. A week later my son Harrison was born. My mission is to make it possible for all women to feel fabulous and glamorous on that special day.


Our products make a great Baby Shower gift as well.  If you are planning a Baby Shower for your friend, why not surprise her with our wonderful matching outfit for her and her new baby. Or maybe just get our fun Labour Socks for her?


At the moment we offer a selection of three different colours with more colours and styles to follow in the near future.


If you know that you or your friend expects a girl, choose from lovely and girly Molly or Lilly collection. Blue Nicole and Eden collection is perfect for boys. If you don’t know the sex of the baby, why not choose items from neutral Lisa or Celine collection.

You can also mix and match colours- pink Molly for mommy and blue Nicole baby gown and hat outfit for baby boy?

Recently we started stocking amazing Belly Bandit range. Those products are fantastic for after you had a baby.  I used the Bamboo  Belly Bandit after both pregnancies and I can confirm that they work miracles! Also we are the only shop in Ireland to stock amazing Belly Bandit C Section Recovery Undies that speed up recovery after Cesarean delivery.  


I really believe that you will fall in love with products in our shop.


In the nearest future I am hoping to introduce you to more items that I loved during and after my pregnancies, so please stay tuned and keep checking our website for new items.


With my best wishes for all Moms and soon to be Moms,




Me Mamma B